Islamic Education curriculum - Level 6

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Islamic Education curriculum - Level 6

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The program conceived for this matter, throughout all levels, has a supreme objective:

  • To teach the pupil, initially, the regulations of his religion in a scientific and methodological way.
  • and to build into him a personality of a Muslim who is balanced, moderated, communicating and acting in a positive way on his medium, diffusing the values such as the Good, the Truth, the Beauty and believing in the principles of the dialogue, tolerance, and participation, etc. And this is, through:
    • Introducing some verses from Qur’an and helping him to understand some of their significances and memorize them.
    • Introducing an outline of the life of the prophet and his moralities.
    • Providing a selected extract of the life of the companions and history of pious people.
    • Explaining the principal pillars of Islam and acts relating to the worship.

As for the policy of drafting what we adopted in the development of this program, it does not differ from what was selected for the linguistic matters. These books thus follow the same logic as that of the others. They are founded on the principle of vertical progression:

  • From the simplest to the more complex
  • From the descriptive to analytical
  • From fractional to synthesis

They are organized according to the principle of complementarily between the matters. They use various means of learning, clarification, and explanation, and resort to more than one teaching approach, in an attempt to:

  • Satisfy all the intelligences, whatever their disparities.
  • Meet all the needs.
  • Carry out the majority of the objectives and the finalities established for these books.
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